Versanté Healthcare Practice Areas

Healthcare Product Engineering

  • Design, development and implementation of software products and custom software solutions for Healthcare.

Healthcare Integration & Interoperability

  • Develop integration adapters. Design interoperability frameworks, conduct custom integration between healthcare applications, and across healthcare organizations.

Healthcare QA / Test Automation

  • Conduct QA and testing of healthcare applications including conformance testing for HIT standards and industry initiatives for product approvals and standardization.

Meaningful Use Compliance

  • Product engineering services to healthcare software companies to enable them meet federal and state regulations as defined by ARRA & HITECH act.
  • Conversions of healthcare business applications from ICD9 to ICD10 etc…

Versanté has professional technical resources and has knowledge of key technology and business trends in healthcare. VERSANTÉ has expertise in current and emerging healthcare standards and regulations including

Interoperability Standards - HL7, DICOM, IHE, ANSI, EDI etc…
Clinical Terminologies - CCHIT, HIPAA, ANSI, EDI


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